We regret it when a RCA product doesn't work as it should, despite our careful quality control. That is why we offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty after the date of purchase on all our models.
This guarantee is a pick-up and return guarantee. This means that we take care of the return of the product to our repair and service center. We will thoroughly check the product and solve the problem. We will send the product back to your home within 7 working days.
If the product can no longer be repaired, we will send you a new one.

Warranty conditions

  1. Factory warranty is only given if you can present the purchase invoice.
  2. This manufacturer's warranty applies to all RCA-europe products.
  3. Manufacturer's warranty applies only to material and manufacturing defects. Problems caused by improper use, incorrect installation, external factors and normal wear and tear are not covered by this manufacturer's warranty.
  4. The factory warranty expires as soon as changes or repair work on the product are carried out by yourself or third parties. The same applies if the serial number is changed or removed.
  5. The decision on repair or replacement of the product is exclusively reserved to RCA. The warranty period is not extended due to repair or replacement.

Customer service contact form
To use the Manufacturer's warranty or other questions, you can contact RCA Customer Service via the customer service contact form at

Immediately report return
You can also immediately initiate the return shipment by registering the product at
It is important that you enter all the details here so that the service can run as smoothly as possible.
Please note that you do not send any accessories, these can be lost.